Magical Correspondences

Different objects have affinities for different spell or prayer intentions. Below are some examples of magical correspondences using components of Mirific Things. The name in parentheses is the "ruler" of that spell component.

amber (Sun) protection   pumpkin (Hecate) protection from bad spirits
amethyst (Jupiter) transition from this world   red jasper (Mars) clear thinking, organization
angelica (Sun) ward off evil   rose (Venus) attract love
apricot (Sun) rejuvenation   rosehips (Sun) lift your spirits
black tourmaline (Saturn) focus & concentration   rosemary (Jupiter) block bad spells
clove bud (Jupiter) success   rose quartz (Venus) anti-loneliness
coconut (Moon) purification   sage (Sun) purification
eucalyptus (Mars) cleansing   spearmint (Mars) memory & intelligence
gold (Sun) positivity & wisdom   St. John's wort (Moon) happiness
grape seed (Moon) frenzy, rapture   sunflower (Sun) happiness
jasmine (Venus) seduction   tea tree oil (Mercury) positivity
lemon (Moon) purification   thyme (Venus) purification
myrrh (Saturn) wisdom   vervain, verbena (Venus) altar cleanser
olive (Sun) wealth & wisdom   yarrow (Venus) peace, friendship
orange (Buddha) luck & wealth   ylang ylang (Buddha) luck in business & love
patchouli (Earth) prosperity