NOTE: This research contains traditional methods for attaining what you desire. But it is not a replacement for using real world techniques, such as keeping clean and friendly to attract a lover, or locking your doors at night for protection. Be a smart witch!


Love Spells


Charm for Empowering or Blessing a Handfasting Cord (by Rev. Su, September 2008)

"This cord shall join, this cord shall bless, Until √Ātropos cuts, no less.
Two lives are woven in the strands, their love shall last through all time's sands."

It works best when you memorize it and repeat it over the cord until you feel power build.

At the height of power, or when you are finished making it, kiss the ends and center of the cord and say with each kiss "In nomine ____ et ____ funiculus beo" (or "I bless this cord in the name of ____ and _____".) By the way, Matris et Patris means Mother and Father.


Honeymoon Oil (by S. Cunningham)

On a Friday, prepare two ounces of oil, blending one drop at a time of the following four oils until the scent seems perfect: gardenia (for peace and harmony), musk (for passion and courage), jasmine (for continuing love), and rose geranium (for protection against adversity. Then add one pinch of dried yarrow flowers.
Pour into two crystal jars. Give one to the woman and one to the man the night before the wedding or modern handfasting.
The first seven nights of their marriage, the couple should anoint one another from their own jars.
On the eighth night, blend the oils into one of the jars, and hide the empty jar in some secret place.
This should help keep the couple together for at least seven years.


Charm for Charging Wedding Rings (by Rev. Su, October 2008)

"Three days of light, both night and day, charge you with love in every ray.
The love of heaven in metal form, a symbol to us of love reborn."
It works best when you memorize it and repeat it over the rings as you attach them to the threads and reverently hang them in on a tree branch on your property. Be sure to choose a place safe from wild winds or theft. At the height of power, or when you are finished hanging it, kiss each ring and touch them together.
Leave them in the tree for three days and three nights. Don't forget to check on your rings a few times a day to make sure they aren't taken or blown down!


For love incense (choose two or three): apple blossoms, basil, catnip, meadowsweet herb, patchouli herb or oil & rose petals. Add a little orris root added to love incense makes a good house fumigating smoke before a date!


For love sachets (choose two or three): myrtle, marjoram herb, balm of Gilead buds, basil, caraway (lust), catnip, rose petals, clove buds, coriander seeds, dill weed, pink geranium flowers, jasmine flowers (spiritual love only), marigold flowers (gather at noon), dried sweet orange peel, and powdered orris root, patchouli herb or oil


For love charms:
  • Use myrtle wood to carve love charms or talismans.
  • When preparing love charms or sachets, arrange fresh meadowsweet herb on the altar and wear a chaplet of fresh myrtle leaves.
  • Use elecampane roots and leaves with mistletoe and vervain in love charms.


For physical love:

  • Use caraway seeds in charms for seeking a physical lover or to make one remember you.
  • Use lavender flowers in charms to attract men for sexual affairs. Patchouli will attract both men and women.
  • Add a half-handful of dill seeds to your bath to attract women.
  • Add lovage root or orris root and seven rose buds to your bath to attract the opposite sex.
  • Add fresh or dried orange blossoms to your bath to make yourself attractive.
  • Mix ground orris root with crushed, dried gardenia petals. Lightly dust over body as an aphrodisiac for the opposite gender.
  • Carry holly leaves and berries to heighten masculinity.
  • Men, carry an acorn gathered in daylight to increase sexual attractiveness and prowess, and for impotency.
  • Use a light cinnamon lotion to stimulate the phallus. (Might burn the skin!)


To find love:

  • Use coriander seeds in a charm to find love.
    "As below, so above, Let these seeds be seeds of love.
    As above, so below, My eyes now open, true love bestow."
  • Wear fresh gardenia flowers or patchouli oil to attract new friends and lovers.
  • Carry a piece of lovage root or orris root, or a pansy flower, as a love talisman (attractor).
  • Carry oak acorns gathered in the daylight to promote sexual relations in general.
  • Give holly and ivy to newlyweds as a symbol of love.
  • Jasmine flowers attract spiritual love.
  • Wear a string of mature juniper berries to attract lovers who will not hurt you.
  • Fresh hyacinth flower sachets help you focus on love in the face of childbirth, or grief.


Ending Love

To ease a broken heart:
  • Carry balm of Gilead buds to mend a broken heart.
  • Carry cyclamen blossoms to ease the grief of an ended love affair.


To cool physical love or lust:
  • Grow cactus in the bedroom to preserve chastity.
  • Get an overly-ardent lover to smell camphor gum, and s/he'll lose interest immediately.
  • Eat lettuce leaves or sweet orange fruit to cool lust.


    Protection Spells


    For protection incense (choose two or three): myrrh resin, avens herb, basil, dill weed, frankincense gum, pennyroyal, horehound, hyssop & cumin


    For protection sachets (choose two or three): burdock herb, dill weed or dill seed, garlic bulb or flower, hawthorn leaves, horehound, hyssop, onion, pieces of mandrake root, crushed or whole pepper berries, pimpernel


    Carry as a simple amulet (choose one to three): oak acorn, angelica root, balm of Gilead buds, avens herb, bay laurel, mistletoe herb picked on Midsummer's Eve, pepper berries


    Dry unexpanded male fern fronds over the Midsummer fire. Carry these "lucky hands" as a protective amulet.


    For general personal protection:
    • Use a little cinquefoil in protection spells, including spells to preserve or maintain money, health, wisdom and love.
    • The avens herb is an amulet to ward against wild animals specifically, or as protection in general in a gris-gris bag or sachet.
    • Grow fern inside for general protection.
    • Hang a little broom in your magic room as a protection.
    • A general protective amulet can be made from dried peony root. It may also be carved into attractive shapes. You may need more than one root to make a necklace or bracelet.
    • Hang a bag of dried dill seeds near the cradle.
    • Hang a rope of garlic bulbs in the kitchen.
    • Carry a three-leaf clover or red geranium flowers for general protection.
    • Make an infusion of marjoram herb, rosemary leaves and mint leaves. Sprinkle the infusion around your house to create protective vibrations.
    • Strew fresh meadowsweet herb around your house to bring gentle vibrations of peace and love.
      For a more potent protection, scatter nettle herb around the room.
    • Scatter elder berries and leaves to the four winds.
    • Add garlic flowers and onion flowers to decorations on a protective altar.


    To protect your home:
    • Grow angelica, cyclamen, fern (shady), pink and red geranium, holly, lettuce and cactus in your garden or outside your home.
    • Grow ivy on a building's walls as a guardian.
    • Grow juniper at your doorstep for general protection. Primrose flowers are especially powerful for protection when planted in pots sitting on the front and back porches of your home.
    • Hang a cypress branch or cinquefoil herb at your door to protect the home.
    • Hang periwinkle flower on the front door to protect all the people within the building.
    • Hang an acorn in every window to protect the house.
    • Place a mandrake root in your home as a powerful protective charm. Also place a bit of marjoram herb in every room (but change monthly).
    • Fill a jar with cactus spines, rusty nails and old tacks, pins and needles. Then add enough rue and rosemary leaves to fill the jar. Seal tightly and bury under your doorstep.


    To protect your garden: Grow onion or red and blue primrose flowers in your garden to protect it.


    Grow cactus in your home to ward against burglary and home invasion.


    To defend against magical or psychic attack:
    • Grow cyclamen in your bedroom for psychic protection while sleeping.
    • Carve dried burdock roots as protection against magic.
    • Place mandrake root on the altar or hearth as a protective device.
    • If outside, and in need of magical protection, draw a circle on the ground around yourself with a hazel twig.
    • Throw fern on hot coals for an aura of protection in the immediate area.


    To protect against a calamity:
    • Carve an equal-armed cross amulet of ash, or garlic bulbs, to ward against drowning or shipwreck.
    • Carve hawthorn wood or mistletoe wood as an amulet against lightning.
    • Carry mugwort and mullein to ward against wild beasts when in the wilderness.
    • Carry mugwort to ward against poisoning and stroke.
    • Carry comfrey to protect yourself during travel. Put in every piece of luggage.
    • Put mugwort or pennyroyal into each shoe to prevent fatigue on long journeys or long shifts.


    To repel negativity, deception and gossip:
    • Wear a necklace of clove buds on a red thread, or hang near a baby's crib (out of reach!), to drive away hostile or negative forces and stop gossip.
    • Wear pimpernel herb to keep people from deceiving you.
    • Spread burdock herb in a house or magic room to ward against negativity.


    To preserve youthfulness:
    • Use three-leaf clovers in rituals for protecting youthful looks.
    • Carry myrtle wood or oak acorns to preserve youthfulness.


    Clover Protection Spell (by S. Cunningham)

    Gather four-leaf clovers before dawn, then walk to the nearest hill. As the Sun rises, throw one clover to each of the four directions, beginning in North, calling upon the Elements to protect you from something specific (illness, military service, etc.) Pluck one more four-leaf clover as an amulet, and leave something in payment to the Earth.



    Healing Spells


    Gather the first perfect bloom of anemone in Spring. Tie it up in a red cloth and carry to ward against disease.


    For healing incense: apple blossoms, bay laurel, cinnamon & myrrh resin


    For a healing sachet: bay laurel, heliotrope, lavender flowers, peppermint


    • Cut an apple in three pieces and rub each on a sick person's body or warts. Bury the pieces to banish the illness. You can do the same with halved onion bulbs or fresh peppermint herb.
    • Burn asafoetida to drive away disease, colds and fever.
    • Hang a branch of fresh eucalyptus over the sickbed or in the sick room.
    • Carry a pouch of camphor gum around the neck to prevent colds.
    • Wear necklace of green eucalyptus pods to cure colds and sore throats.
    • Stuff a healing poppet or pillow with eucalyptus leaves or peppermint.
    • Include eucalyptus leaves in flowers sent to a sick person.
    • Ring a blue candle with eucalyptus leaves. Burn the candle for 3 hours.
    • Place fresh, peeled garlic bulbs and fresh pimpernel herb in each room when disease threatens.
    • Place halved onion bulbs in rooms to absorb illness and disease. Throw the onions away the next morning without touching them.
    • Carry nutmeg nuts to ward off rheumatism.


    Gaze into a periwinkle flower to restore a lost memory.



    Clairvoyance Spells


    • Burn acacia and sandalwood together to enhance meditation.
    • Burn balm of Gilead buds and gum mastic to create a material basis in which spirits may manifest during ritual.
    • Burn bay laurel leaves, frankincense gum, patchouli, gum mastic, mugwort and/or cinnamon bark to induce visions and the Sight. (Also add just a tiny bit of nutmeg.)
    • Burn bistort and mugwort with frankincense gum during divination.
    • Anoint eyelids daily with a simple infusion of eyebright to heighten clairvoyant powers.
    • Rub lightly crushed honeysuckle flowers on your forehead to heighten your powers of clairvoyance.
    • Carry nutmeg nuts to strengthen your own clairvoyant powers.
    • Drink a simple mugwort infusion to induce clairvoyance. Pick mugwort on the Full Moon from a plant that leans north.
    • Carry cypress wood to learn about all aspects of death.
    • Put bay laurel leaves in a pillow for prophetic dreams.
    • Put heliotrope flowers under your pillow to dream of who robbed you.
    • Gather marigold flowers at noon, then place the flowers beneath your head (not pillow!) to induce clairvoyant dreams.
    • Carry lavender herb to see ghosts.
    • Rub fresh young mugwort leaves on magic mirrors and crystal balls to strengthen their powers. Pick mugwort before sunrise on a Full or Waxing Moon from a plant that leans north.


    Get a dried seed pod and cut a small hole in it to remove the seeds. Write a question on a small piece of yellow paper. Stuff the paper into the empty seed pod and lay it beside your bed. Prophetic dreams may answer the question before morning.



    Altered States & Sleep Spells


    • Burn chamomile to induce sleep. Camphor gum in incense also induces sleep.
    • Add chamomile to incense to bring on a restful state for meditation.
    • Wear celandine to alleviate depression and lift your spirits.
    • Make a sachet of orris root, lavender and rosebuds to lay among clothes to infuse them with the "scent of love".
    • Fresh hyacinth flower sachets help you focus on love in the face of grief.
    • Give marjoram herb to a grieving person to draw happiness into their life.
    • Wear mullein to instill courage.
    • Burn cinnamon bark and myrrh gum as incense for general magical working.
    • Use eyebright as a foundation for fluid condensers.
    • Burn frankincense gum to aid meditation.
    • Eat hazel nuts to gain wisdom.
    • To bring on a healing sleep, use a bath sachet of lavender flowers, then sleep on a pillow stuffed with dried hops herb.
    • Inhale the fragrance of crushed peppermint leaves if you have trouble falling asleep.
    • Rubbing lettuce juice onto your forehead induces relaxation.
    • Add lemon verbena to any charm you want to strengthen, including to boost magical energy and to attract the opposite gender.
    • Place a vase of fresh marigold flowers gathered at noon in any room to bring a surge of life (which can translate as magical power!)
    • Carry pepper herb to protect the mind from envious thoughts.



    Cleansing Spells


    Bathe in a bath with a handful of anise seeds, lovage root, and a few bay leaves. In Winter, add crushed pine needles.


    • Burn avens herb during your ritual.
    • Burn betony herb at Midsummer in an outdoor fire. Jump through the cleansing smoke.
    • Burn rosemary, dill and pepper berries to fumigate a place. The smoke can painfully sting your eyes, so light it and get out quick!
    • Burn peppermint to cleanse the house in Winter.


    Cleanse physical objects with an infusion of marjoram herb, rosemary leaves and mint leaves.


    Rub a magic knife's blade with a halved onion bulb or fresh pimpernel herb to cleanse it.



    Purification Spells ~ good for before a ritual or spell


    For a purifying bath sachet: basil, bay laurel, hyssop, lavender flowers


    For purification incense: myrrh resin, bay laurel, benzoin (general area), betony, broom, oak leaves gathered at night, lavender flowers. In Winter, add dried & crushed pine needles to purify the home.


    Burn and scatter bay laurel on the floor during your ritual.


    Use broom plant or pine needles to sweep the surrounding area when working magic outside.


    Consecrate ritual objects in the smoke of a cypress fire, myrrh resin or frankincense gum.



    Abundance, Fertility & Luck Spells


    Prosperity Spell: On a Thursday after sunset during the waxing moon, mix together equal parts of cinquefoil, cinnamon bark, cloves, lemon balm. Add a whole tonka bean or vanilla bean. Carry in a rich purple cloth bag to increase riches.


    Burn benzoin gum with cinnamon bark for business success.


    Use jasmine flowers in all prosperity rituals.


    Carry a dried poppy seed pod or some poppy seeds as a prosperity amulet.


    To attract money:
    • Set bryony root on a piece of money to cause one's riches to grow.
    • Use chamomile in prosperity charms to draw money.
    • Anoint High John the Conqueror root with mint oil and tie in a green or purple bag to attract money.
    • Add High John the Conqueror root to prosperity oils for anointing candles.
    • Ring green candles with honeysuckle flowers to attract money. Use the flowers in all prosperity sachets.

    Magical Power

    Place carnation on your altar for added energy.


    Power incenses:
    • Dry nine red carnations in the Sun, crumble the flowers. Pour one dram of carnation oil over the crumbled flowers, mix well and smolder on charcoal to generate energy.
    • Add dragon's blood gum to any incense to increase its potency and effectiveness.


    Luck Charms

    Good luck charm: Gather two hazel twigs at night on Samhain. Tie them together with red or gold thread to form a solar cross.


    Hang a string of hazel nuts in your home for good luck.


    A forked hazel twig makes a good diving rod for finding objects hidden in the ground.


    Beauty & Fertility

    • A beauty wash: gather a lot of dew on May Day morning just before sunrise. Add three clover stalks. Cover the bowl with cloth and steep in a dark place all day. Beginning the next morning, and each morning until the water is used up, rub a little water on your face.
    • Pour apple cider over a newly-dug field.
    • Carry oak acorns gathered during the daytime, pine cones, cyclamen flowers or white geranium flowers to aid in fertility.
    • Carry an amulet of bistort or mistletoe herb if you wish to conceive a child. (Pick the mistletoe on Midsummer's Eve, or six days after a Dark Moon.)
    • To help you become pregnant, collect and dry hemlock cones. Dip them in green wax. String the waxed cones into a necklace. Do all parts of the process in secret, always thinking of your fertility in a positive light.
    • Carry mandrake root to help with conception or impotence, women and men respectively.
    • Present brides with a bag of hazel nuts to ensure luck and fertility.
    • Carve hawthorn wood as a talisman for good fishing.
    • Eat pine nuts or poppy seeds to aid in fertility.



    Exorcism Spells


    Burn 1-3 during your ritual: dried angelica leaves, avens herb, asafoetida, peony seeds For exorcism incense: basil, heliotrope, pennyroyal & nettle Prevent nightmares with a pillow of anise or betony. Burn and scatter bay laurel on the floor during your ritual. Use cactus spines to mark or write symbols on images of wax or roots.


    To remove a curse and return it to the sender, stuff a small cloth doll or poppet with nettles. Write on the doll the name of the sender (if known), then bury or burn it.


    To break an enchantment, hang peony around the neck of the enchanted one. "Root of Peony, strong and sure, break the powers that 'round me/him/her swirl. The weight of the root is better by far than this enchantment that sticks like tar." (By Rev. Su, November 2008)


    Spell for Getting Rid of a Contaminated Object (by Rev. Su, July 2008)

    Things can easily still have attachments to former owners and their intents and lifestyles. If the item was manufactured under duress, it's already going to have bad vibes as part of its physical construction.


    Sea salt purifies especially when under direct full moon/sun light for three or seven days (but can ruin the object or crystal), and ritual tying can sometimes bind spirits into an object, but they are still there. Kind of like putting a lid on a moldy pot -- you can't see the mold anymore, and it's contained in one spot, but it's still there sending out microscopic spores into your environment.


    Burning is a good way to get rid of something, unless you think it is actually possessed, in which case burning can, in some cases, release the entity from physical binding to the object. No object, no boundary.


    I suggest burying. Let the Earth recycle it Herself.


    Use a crayon with a melted tip (candle flame, etc.) to write destruction runes all over it. (They can be Futhark runes alone or stacked/blended, or you can use the banishing air pentagram, or both!) Tie the object in a bundle, and write more banishing, purifying, destroying runes on the cloth, whatever makes sense to you. Put it in a hole that is at least three feet deep where it won't be disturbed by normal activity (so, not in a quarry or landfill or construction site). If anything else has been contaminated, do the same thing and bury it all in the same hole.


    Then make sure you say a prayer or charm to cleanse yourself. After doing all of that, you will have been in lots of surface contact with it, and you need some psychic hand sanitizer ;-)


    Then at home, change the way the room smells, rearrange things near where it was so it doesn't look like something is missing.



    Weather & Seasons Magic


    Weather Spells

    • Raise winds by throwing broom off a mountaintop.
    • Calm winds by burning broom herb.
    • Burn fern and heather outside to bring rain.
    • Throw henbane into water to make rain.
    • Stop a storm by burning a peony root or hanging it up outside.
    • Carry bulbs of garlic on a mountain-climbing expedition for fair weather.


    Time Sensitive Charms

    • Cypress wood is a seasonal incense for Winter, or the Waning Moon.
    • Peppermint and pine are used in Winter incenses.
    • Use onion in all Lunar rites.
    • Frankincense gum is useful in all sunrise rituals.
    • Throw lavender onto Midsummer fires as a sacrifice.
    • Pennyroyal is a seasonal incense for Summer.



    Spell Ingredient Substitutions


    Also check a list of common & Latin plant names for what is really required when strange sounding ingredients are called for in old potion recipes and spells.


    • Blood = Apple cider
    • Brains = Cherry tree sap
    • Broom = Ash for staff, birch twigs for sweep, willow for binding
    • Candles = mullein stalks (for use outdoors when flames cannot be lit)
    • Graveyard Dust = powdered mullein leaves
    • Poppet = Apple fruit, mandrake root, carved ash roots
    • Mandrake root = Bryony root, ash root or may-apple ("American mandrake")
    • Moon = gardenia flower
    • Skin of man = fern
    • Wand (wooden) = Oak felled in a waning Moon, ash, elder (defensive), hazel (divination), mistletoe (protection, especially if growing on an oak tree)
    • Wine = Apple cider or sweet orange juice



    Herbal Sources: Scott Cunningham's "Magical Herbalism" and "Leaves in Myth, Magic & Medicine" by Alice Thoms Vitale (NC)