Pagan Hymnal Project by Rev. Su Leone

This hymnal is designed to accompany all or part of a basic elemental circle service.

Use freely, but you are required to give credit and link to "Rev Su's Pagan Hymnal Project (".

Songs that have been added to the site are indicated on this list by being orange and having square brackets [   ] around the active links!


New songs will be added every month, so keep checking back for Pagan sheet music and Pagan mp3's! If there is a particular song you would like to see included here, please contact Rev. Su at the address in the page footer. Blessed Be!


Personal Purification Songs

"Mother, Wash" by Rev. Su Leone [words] [mp3]


Cakes and Ale Songs

"Come to the Table" by Rev. Su Leone [sheet music ] [mp3]


Teaching Songs/Anthems

"Flight of the Dreamers" (astral projection) by William D. Wilson and Rev. Su Leone [sheet music ] [mp3]

"Life Never Stops aka Maiden, Maiden" (four stages of life) by Rev. Su Leone [words and chords] [mp3]