Magical Groups

The Neopagan community in general is very broad, encompassing many denominations of Paganism, such as Wicca, Asatru, and Druidry, and people who are solitary practitioners or meet in covens or church groups. There are many types of magical communities. Magical communities can be as small as a three-person coven or as large as an international online group!

Listed here are some well-known American and international groups, as well as groups in the Carolinas region. Please let the Webmaster know if you would like your group to be listed here.


    • The Witches Voice – – a listing of groups and businesses around the world, also has blogs and essays on Paganism and Witchcraft
    • Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) – a Pagan church based on Druidry, originally founded in 1984 by Rev. Isaac Bonewits


    • Church of the Earth of Raleigh – – Nondenominational Pagan church in downtown Raleigh, NC - recently lost its worship space, so is meeting at local parks - please chip in $5 a month for the mortgage payment on new land!
    • Awen's Light Grove - - modern Druid grove of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids - monthly meetings and observing rituals
    • Idhavelli Hof - - Heathen (a denomination of Paganism) organization dedicated to establishing land and hof buildings consecrated to the Aesir and Vanir - hold a Public Blot on the last Sunday of each month
    • Gaia's Circle - - eclectic group that welcomes people of all religious backgrounds - open circles, legal clergy, teaching available
    • Raleigh Witches, Pagans and Goddess Meetup - (and other related Meetups) - Social Meet & Greet on 4th Wednesday at 6:30 pm, Barnes and Noble Cafe at 5959 Triangle Town Blvd, Raleigh